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Silicone Tubes by Silex

Development and customer specified production of tubes and profiles made of HCR Silicone-rubber

Silicone Tubes
Silex is producing tubes made out of silicone rubber in many variations. Be it translucent, coloured or with special properties like heat resistance up to 300 °C., flame retardant according to several norms and compliant with food and technical medical regulations.

Possible dimensions / hardness

Innerdiameter mm Wall thickness, mm Shore A hardness
0,3 - 120 0,3 - 20 12 - 90

The silicone tubes are generally made in accordance to our customer's specifications. Standard supply forms are loose rolled, rolled on coils or cut in certain lengths

Types of tubes / properties

  • High translucent, or high definition colours (also according to RAL) to meet optical requirements
  • Temperature range of -60 °C up to 180°C (with special compounds from -100°C up to a maximum of 300°C)
  • Self extinguishing qualities (e.g. acc. to UL 94, EN 45 545/2, NF 16 101, BS 6853, DIN 5510…) to allow applications in sensitive areas
  • FDA compliant according to BFR XV Silicone und FDA § 177.2600.
  • Drinking water compliant (WRAS, KTW, W 270).
  • Bio compatible (USP Class 1-6 / EP / DAB )

Pictures of our Silicone Tubes

When your desired requirements are not listed in the above, please contact us. The diversity of silicone products is too big to list them all on this page.

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E-Mail: verkauf@silex-silikon.de